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Dedicated Investigators

O'Keefe Detective Agency was started by Cheryl O'Keefe-Skinner in the summer of 2005.  Ms. O'Keefe-Skinner retired in September of 2002 from a local police agency located here in Southern California.  During her 29 years of Honorable service to the community she rose to the rank of Detective.  She held that position for 26 years, investigating crimes ranging from child abuse to murder.         Ms. O'Keefe-Skinner specialized in Narcotics, Surveillance, Fraud, Elder Abuse, Hostage Negotiations, and Interrogations. She had been a local civic speaker to Womens groups teaching them how to protect themselves against Fraud or Assaults.           Ms. O'Keefe-Skinner attended the Deliquency Control Institute which is located at the University of Southern California.  This specialized school conducted training in child abuse and family matters.  She held memberships in the following professional Associations:  •Southern California Fraud Investigators Association  •California Association of Hostage Negotiators  •High Technology Crime Investigation Association  •California Narcotic Officers Association

Services Provided

Locates/Skip Tracing

Child Custody 

Background Checks


Threat Assessment  Stalking/Harassment  


Pre-Employment Screening  

Covert and Undercover Operations  Intelligence Gathering  


Workers Comp Fraud  

Criminal/Civil Investigations

Background Investigations

All background investigations are conducted by Ms. O'Keefe-Skinner and Derrick O'Keefe. We offer several different types of background investigations, depending on the needs of our clients.           

Our Phase1 and Phase 2 investigation package utilizes specialized electronic databases made available to licensed private investigators and provide only basic information (i.e. Civil/Criminal records, Social Security information, Property Ownership, etc.)  However, as with any database, the information they contain is only as accurate as what is entered into them, and in many cases, what is not entered.  As a result, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information retrieved from a database.  The most effective way of conducting a background investigation is to actually go into the field and apply investigative techniques.  Our Phase 3 background investigation package offers this service to our clients.  If the matter is important enough to hire a private investigator, then we "strongly" recommend you consider our Phase 3 background investigation package.        

 We provide services to 5 southern California Counties, which are as follows: Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles.     

 Phase 1:      This phase provides basic information:  Local Criminal Record, Local Civil Court Search, and Social Security Search.


 Phase 2:  This phase provides a medium level of information:  Criminal Record Check Multiple Counties, Civil Court Search, UCC Filings, Social Security Search, Corporation/Limited Partnerships, Fictitious Business Filings, and Credit Checks. 


 Phase 3:  The Third phase provides the most extensive level of  information: Phase 1 and 2 and the following:  confirmation of stated level of education, physical interview with applicant, and actual field investigative work, conducted by the background investigator.  This will confirm prior employment, residences, interview with personal references/neighbors and identification of secondary sources of information.    


 1) Mate or Spousal Surveillance  Mate or spousal surveillance usually does not require a team surveillance. One or two investigators can successfully conduct a spousal surveillance. The investigator who conducts a spousal surveillance is usually following someone who knows they are doing something wrong, and may be watching for someone following them. The art of surveillance is the ability to blend in. Driving a non-discript vehicle is important. Follow at a distance, anticipating traffic conditions, traffic lights that may be ready to change etc.If the subject pulls into a parking lot, don't follow, pull into a location and observe from a distance.      

 Insurance Fraud or Workers Compensation Surveillance  When dealing with an individual that is pulling an insurance scam, many of the techniques used in spousal surveillance apply. It is imperative that you have a good video camera, one that can shoot in complete darkness. If your dealing with an individual that is claiming to have a bad back for example, then watch for them doing any lifting, sports , yard work etc., then we get video and photos

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